About MIC Kitchen

Located in the heart of Central with panoramic Hong Kong night view, guests can enjoy an ultimate dining experience at MIC. 


MIC serves 8 courses Tasting Menu using fresh ingredients in an innovative method with Western and Asian elements.


The intimate 26 counter seats allow diners to have direct interaction with our culinary team while watching them skillfully prepare each intricate dishes. 

Chris Keung

Executive Chef

The Executive Chef is talented Canada-born wunderkind Chris Keung, a collaborator of culinary superstar Chef Alvin Leung since 2009. 


Keung previously worked at Bo Innovation as well as Liberty Exchange Kitchen & Bar. In 2010, the wunderkind was awarded “Young Chef of The Year” and the overall Cooking Cup at the San Pellegrino & Aqua Panna competition in Italy.


Having gained an exceptional amount of culinary wisdom and prowess throughout his professional years, Chef Chris' 8-course tasting menu offers his unique innovative approach to marries Western and Asian flavors in each course.


Helmed by a chef who formerly worked at Bo Innovation, the food here is a little more straightforward, but still provides expressive flavours, balanced textures and manifest Asian influences. Counter seats surround the open kitchen and encourage plenty of interaction. Ingredients are sourced from all over the world and only a set menu is offered. The restaurant moved here from its previous location in Kwun Tong.




We were impressed with everything Chef Keung dished up; the flavour combinations were unique and inventive, the techniques polished and the attention to the textural components of each dish especially noteworthy. MIC Kitchen makes for a top choice for a special night out, especially at this bargain price tag considering the quality and surrounds.